Helping AHCCCS Tribal Members Find Health Care Resources

Behavioral health is a covered Medicaid service. Find the right help when you need it.

Know the red flags

If you are offered incentives from a provider, that’s a red flag! Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

  • Do you feel unsafe or need emergency services? Stop and call 911.
  • Do you need immediate mental health assistance?
    • Call 1-844-53-4HOPE (4673) to reach the Arizona behavioral health crisis line, available 24/7/365 to any Arizona resident, even if you do not have health insurance coverage, or
    • Call the 988 lifeline to be connected to a professional counselor 24/7/365, free of charge.
  • Have you been impacted by the closure of a behavioral health or sober living facility, and need temporary lodging, transportation, or other health care services? Call 211, and then press #7
  • Looking for Opioid Use Disorder or other treatment? Use our treatment locator at

Fraudulent providers may use various ways to entice people to accept promises of health care services. Be aware of these common red flags and ask more questions when a provider:

  1. Offers incentives or bribes such as gifts, money, housing, drugs, or alcohol to get your information, get you into treatment, or get you into a vehicle,
  2. Asks you to change or update your health plan,
  3. Pressures you to make a decision on- the-spot regarding your health care,
  4. Asks you for cash or payment directly. Providers should bill AHCCCS directly for Medicaid covered services that have been provided to you,
  5. Takes your SNAP food stamps or benefits from you,
  6. Asks you to steal money, or
  7. Contacts you on your personal social media account.

Know the signs of a scam

Find Tribal Health Partners

Do you need mental health support or addiction treatment or other health care services? Contact these Tribal health organizations in Arizona.

See our complete list of IHS, Tribally-Operated 638, and Urban Indian Programs.

Call your local Indian Health Service (IHS) for a referral to a medical facility or clinic near you.
Call these Urban Indian Health Programs if you reside in a metropolitan area and there isn’t an IHS/638 facility in your area. If you are in Phoenix:
If you are in Flagstaff:
If you are in Tucson:
Call your local Tribal Regional Behavioral Health Authority (TRBHA) if you are assigned to a TRBHA for your behavioral health care.
Call your local Tribally-Operated 638 Program for health clinics administered by Arizona tribes. See the IHS Services Locator at for IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian Health programs and facilities.

When you start services with a new provider, check their licensure and registration:

  1. Check the AHCCCS Fraud web page for a list of suspended providers.
  2. Confirm the provider is an active AHCCCS registered provider in the AHCCCS Provider Listing Tool.
  3. If the provider is not on the suspended list, go to to check for a license, deficiencies, and corrective actions.
  4. Search for a provider’s professional license with the licensing organization. This might be the Arizona Board of Nursing, Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners, Arizona Medical Board (for doctors and physician assistants), or Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners.

Share These Resources

Download the Tribal outreach flier.

Download the Tribal Outreach Toolkit.

Download the Frontline Worker Toolkit.

The digital toolkits include social media posts, influencer scripts, fliers, infographics, web banners, and wallet card to be shared by Tribal members, leaders, organizations, advocacy groups, frontline workers, and anyone who can share these important resources.

Please visit the Sober Living Fraud web page for updates related to that issue.