Division of Fee for Service Management: Training Resources

AHCCCS Provider Training offers both in person and online training to Fee-For-Service (FFS) providers on how to submit claims, prior authorization requests, additional documentation (i.e. the AHCCCS Daily Trip report or requested medical records), etc. using the AHCCCS Online Provider Portal and the Transaction Insight Portal.

The AHCCCS Provider Training team also offers periodic trainings whenever there are significant changes in AHCCCS policy or to the AHCCCS billing manuals.

This web page provides information on:

  • The DFSM Claims Clues Newsletter,
  • How to sign up for DFSM email alerts,
  • The DFSM Provider Training Schedule,
  • Access to Power Point Presentations for past trainings, and
  • Contact information for the Division’s Training Team.

By reading the DFSM Claims Clues Newsletter and signing up for email alerts providers will be alerted to system and program changes, and claims and billing updates.

DFSM Claims Clues Newsletter

DFSM publishes a monthly newsletter for providers. It is available online and provides information about the following:

  • Claims and billing updates,
  • Billing policies and requirements,
  • System changes, and
  • Changes to program benefits.

Past issues are available on the Claims Clues webpage.

Provider Denial Resolution Guide

Provider Denial Resolution Guide (6/1/2024)

The Edit Resolution Guide is a tool that was created to help providers understand the denial edits, descriptions, and actionable next steps. New denial edits will be added periodically to the guide. Providers maintain the responsibility to ensure all claims are billed appropriately.

Receive Email News Updates

Providers are invited to subscribe to DFSM email news alerts regarding changes to the program, claims and billing updates and requirements, system changes, upcoming trainings, forums and other business news.

Subscribe to receive notifications about upcoming trainings, forums, and important business updates.

Training Schedules

Quick Training Guides

Provider Training Video Library

New Provider Video Series

Federal Emergency Services (FES) Program Information

AHCCCS Coverage (Benefit and Policy Information)

IHS and 638 Specific Trainings

Behavioral Health Residential Facility Information

Direct Care Worker Agency (DCWA) Trainings


    APR-DRG Information

    * This training provides an overview of where information on the APR-DRG based payment system can be found on the AHCCCS website.

Training Presentations

638 FQHC

AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) & the American Indian Health Program (AIHP)

AHCCCS - General Information for Providers

AHCCCS Website Overview

Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS)

Claims Disputes

Constant Contacts (AHCCCS Email Notifications) and Claims Clues (AHCCCS Claims Newsletter)

COVID-19 Prior Authorization & Concurrent Review Updates (FFS Providers)

COVID-19: Tribal ALTCS Updates and How to Bill During COVID-19

DDD Tribal Health Program

Direct Care Service Agency

Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport (ET3)

IHS/638 Quarterly Billing Forums

IHS/638 Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing

IHS 638 Billing Inpatient Medicare Part B Claims

IHS/638 Tribal Providers Billing The All Inclusive Rate (AIR)

Master Account Holder

Medical Documentation Training

Medical Equipment & Appliances (DME), Medical Supplies, Orthotics and Prosthetics

Member Eligibility and Verification

Nursing Facility/Skilled Nursing Facility

Participating/Performing Provider Requirements



Remittance Advice Training

Social Determinants of Health

Third Party Liability (TPL)/Medicare

Travel and Lodging Services

Claim Submission Training - Voids and Replacements


Power Point Presentations

Claims Status

To check the status of your claim, providers can use the AHCCCS Online Provider Portal. If you are unable to resolve a claim issue using the Online Provider portal or after reviewing your remittance advice, please contact DMPS Call Center at 602-417-7670, between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

If you require technical assistance, please contact our Customer Support Center by emailing your request to servicedesk@azahcccs.gov or call 602-417-4451.

Provider Training Contact Information

The DFSM Provider Training team can be reached at: ProviderTrainingFFS@azahcccs.gov

    IHS/638 COVID-19 Vaccine Billing Guidelines (3/1/2021)
  • Note: DFSM Provider Training is unable to assist with medical billing and coding questions in preparation of claims submittal for services/procedures rendered.

Alternate Care Sites (ACS)

Vaccination Memos

Additional Resources

Provider Enrollment Information

For information on provider enrollment please visit our provider enrollment webpage.