Direct Care Workers/Self Directed Attendant Care 
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Direct Care Worker Training and Testing Program

AHCCCS has instituted training and testing requirements for Direct Care Workers (DCW) who provide direct care services (Attendant Care, Personal Care and Homemaker) to Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) members residing in their own home.

An entity that wants to train and test DCWs must become an Approved Training and Testing Program (Approved Program). PLEASE NOTE: Direct care service agencies can decide whether or not to become an Approved Program or delegate the responsibility of training and testing DCWs to an Approved Program through a contractual agreement.

Entities that can become Approved Training and Testing Programs are:

  • An AHCCCS registered agency that provides Direct Care Services
  • A private vocational program, and
  • An educational institution (e.g., high school, college or university)
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