Nursing Facility Assessment

A.R.S. § 36-2999.51 et seq. authorize the Administration to administer a provider assessment on health care items and services provided by nursing facilities and to make supplemental payments to nursing facilities for covered Medicaid expenditures.

Details on the methodology for both the assessment and supplemental payments can be found within Title 9, Chapter 28 of the Arizona Administrative Code ( ( and the associated sections:

  • Arizona Administrative Code- R9-28-702 - Nursing Facility Assessment
  • Arizona Administrative Code- R9-28-703 - Nursing Facility Supplemental Payments


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Supplemental Payments

FFY 2022


As required in Chapter 213 of Laws 2012, the Arizona legislature passed HB2526, which establishes a tax on nursing facilities within the State beginning October 1, 2012. Below is more information about the assessment:
HB 2526
Proposed State Rules
Unpublished Final Rules

Federal Interface

Since the assessment is neither uniform nor broad-based, Arizona was required to obtain a waiver from CMS of these requirements. A State Plan Amendment that describes the assessment structure was also required. Below are links to these federal related documents:
Proposal to CMS
CMS Approval Letter
Approved SPA #12-010

AHCCCS Updates

More information about the process AHCCCS will use to implement the assessment can be found below. Additional information will be posted as soon it’s available:
AZ Administrative Rule Presentation 1/18/13
NF Payment Overview Presentation 1/18/13