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03/31/2020: Changes to AHCCCS Premiums for KidsCare and Freedom to Work: Due to COVID-19 AHCCCS will not charge monthly premiums for KidsCare and Freedom to Work until further notice. AHCCCS KidsCare and Freedom to Work members will be notified when premiums will start again.

When will this change happen?

The change to premium billing will apply to the March 2020 month. If the March 2020 premium payment was made, a credit will be given and the April 2020 statement balance will show your credit. If the March 2020 premium payment was not made, the April 2020 statement balance will not include the March premium.

Do I need to do anything if premium payments are set to auto-pay?

Yes, if you pay the monthly premium through auto-pay, you will need to stop auto-payments. If you do not stop auto-payments, you will get a credit for the premium payments made when the KidsCare or Freedom to Work account balance is $0.

What should I do if my income has changed?

Submit changes by logging into your account at or call (602) 417-5010.

Online Premium Payment Scheduling Guidelines

Making a premium payment or Online Premium Payment is a free service offered through AHCCCS. This service is designed to be simple, allowing those who are enrolled in or owe a past premium for KidsCare or Freedom to Work to manage their account.

Payment Options

You can use a Visa, Master Card, American Express, Credit/Debit Card, or enter a bank account number to make a payment. For the bank account payment option, you will need your account number and the bank routing number.

Payment Scheduling Information

Please read the following scheduling information

It is recommended that you schedule payments at least 3 business days before the actual due date.

  • Same Day Processing: Complete your payment request by 3:00pm (AZ)
  • Next Business Day Processing: Complete your payment request after 3:00pm (AZ)
  • Future Scheduling: Payments scheduled for future processing will be processed at 3:00pm (AZ) on that date.
  • Weekend/Federal Holidays:
    • Weekend and Federal Holiday dates are not available payment request dates for this online payment service
    • If you schedule a payment for Saturday, Sunday, or for a Federal Holiday, the payment will be processed the following business day at 3:00pm (AZ)

Enroll to Use the Online Payment Service

To login or enroll to use the Online Premium Payment service, confirm you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the guidelines, then select I Agree and follow the directions.

Note: If you select I Disagree you cannot make online payments.


Select the appropriate link below to indicate your agreement or disagreement with the AHCCCS Online Premium Payment Scheduling Guidelines.

I agree | I disagree

Mail-In Payments

If you prefer to mail your payment, send it to:

File 749228
Los Angeles, CA 90074-9228

Please allow 5-7 days for your payment to reach us

Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting a representative, you may want to consult the Common Questions to see if your question(s) is answered there.

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