Peer Support

Peer support is a behavioral health service available to AHCCCS members. Peer support services are for members who may need more personalized support than natural supports or community based recovery groups (such as 12 Step groups) can provide.

Peer Support

Practitioners of Peer Support Services are called Peer and Recovery Support Specialists (PRSS). PRSS have their own story of behavioral health recovery and utilize their lived experience to help the people they serve and promote recovery-oriented environments. A PRSS works with individuals during their recovery journey, sharing skills, coaching, and providing support.

Peer support is many things, and often dependent upon the needs of the individual being served. Peer support services include, but are not limited to assistance with:

  • Identifying needs and recovery goals,
  • Lessening feelings of isolation,
  • Increasing practical knowledge to access supports and resources in the community,
  • Exploring continued education and/or employment opportunities,
  • Partnering with other healthcare practitioners,
  • Overcoming service barriers, and
  • Understanding and positively adapting to behavioral health challenges using:
    • Support groups,
    • Coaching,
    • Role modeling, and
    • Mentoring.

To connect with peer support services, AHCCCS members can contact their AHCCCS health plan or Office of Individual and Family Affairs (OIFA). OIFA partners with members and their supporters to ensure that they are connected to provider supportive services.

To learn more about peer support in Arizona, review our Peer Support FAQs.

Peer and Recovery Support Specialist

If you are interested in becoming a Peer and Recovery Support Specialist, please visit the Peer and Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) webpage.

Peer Support Employment Training Program (PSETP)

If you are interested in starting or are currently operating a Peer Support Employment Training Program, please visit the Peer Support Employment Training Program webpage.

Peer Support Services

If you are interested in accessing Peer Support Services, please see the Peer Support Services webpage.