AHCCCS Provider Reenrollment 
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Provider Revalidation

A provider must revalidate enrollment of their provider id periodically to maintain Medicaid billing privileges. In general, providers are required to revalidate every four years. AHCCCS also reserves the right to request off-cycle revalidations.

As part of the revalidation process the provider is subject to the same screening and disclosures captured during the initial enrollment. Additionally, based on provider type the process could include an enrollment fee, site visit, and fingerprint criminal background check required as a part of the screening requirements.

Beginning November 2022, AHCCCS-Division of Member and Provider Services (DMPS) will begin notifying providers through the United States Postal Service mail who are required to revalidate their Medicaid id. The revalidation process will ascend over a 10-month period beginning in November 2022 through August 2023.

Provider Revalidation Dates Spreadsheet (4/5/23)

Note: If you don’t see your name on the provider spreadsheet no further action is required.

What AHCCCS Providers Need to Know:

  • Any provider who has not completed the revalidation process in the AHCCCS Provider Enrollment Portal (APEP) will be listed on the Provider Revalidation Spreadsheet, receive written notification, and have 90 days (about 3 months) to apply.
  • The notification will include a temporary 14-digit application id number required to access the provider file for the first time.
  • Providers who fail to respond to the request could experience delays such as termination and/or loss of billing privileges, access to AHCCCS Online Portal which is required to view and submit claims and prior authorizations.
  • Providers with questions, those who are no longer participating as a Medicaid provider, and those no longer employed with an organization, are asked to contact APEPTrainingQuestions@azahcccs.gov

How Providers Can Complete the Revalidation Process

To begin your revalidation application today, login to your Existing Providers: To access APEP Direct

Below are step-by-step instructions designed to teach providers how to complete a revalidation using a 14-digit Application ID APEP.

For additional questions regarding how to troubleshoot through APEP to complete the revalidation application, contact APEPTrainingQuestions@azahcccs.gov or Provider Assistance (602)417-7670 option 5, include the provider name, NPI, and a brief description of the issue.

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