Training and Testing 

Steps to become an Approved Training and Testing Program

  1. Read AHCCCS policy for Approved Training and Testing Programs. Chapter 400, Section 429 of the AHCCCS Contractors Operations Manual outlines the minimum program requirements and standards for Approved Programs to ensure uniformity of the training and testing of DCWs and DCW Trainers as well as the portability of testing records. The following documents are supporting documents and/or are documents referenced directly in the policy.

  2. Complete and submit the initial application for program approval. The application process generally takes up to 30 days to process. The application contains an attestation statement denoting the applicant has reviewed and agrees to adhere to AHCCCS policy. AHCCCS prefers the applicant submit a typed application, but the form may be completed by hand.

  3. Prepare to train and test DCWs and/or DCW Trainers. A desk audit of the Approved Program will be conducted within 180 days of the initial program approval. The desk audit is conducted to verify the Approved Program has policies and procedures, qualified trainers and the space, equipment and supplies to conduct training and testing. The audit tool instructions are utilized by the entity (Managed Care Organization or AHCCCS) that will be conducting the audit. The instructions can be used as a checklist by the Approved Program to ensure they are compliant with AHCCCS policy.

  4. Implement Training and Testing. The Approved Program will receive written notification from AHCCCS denoting the initial program approval date. The Approved Program may implement training and testing when the following has been completed.
    • Development of policies and procedures
    • Development or acquisition of qualified trainer(s)
    • Acquisition or rental of space, equipment and supplies

  5. Request Standardized Tests. To request test questions, please send an email to with the following information.
    • Name of Training and Testing Program
    • AHCCCS Provider ID number (if applicable)
    • First name, last name and title of the requestor
    • E-mail address of the requestor
    • Telephone number of the requestor
    • Attestation statement

    I will not share the bank of test questions and answers with any students or staff associated with the training and testing program except for qualified trainers. I understand that failure to maintain the security of the bank of test questions and answers can result in the termination of [insert name of company] program approval.

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