AHCCCS Encounter Adjudication Resources

The information on this page will help contractors submit complete, accurate and timely encounter data.

Adjudication Edit List

This document is a list of all adjudication edits and the status of those edits. An edit's status may be:

  • hard (Y)
  • AHCCCS denied = (D)
  • blank (spaces) = edit set to "off"

The edit list is posted quarterly.

Adjudication Edit Resolutions

Encounter Overrides: This desk level procedure provides instructions for the resolution/override of encounters. It includes PMMIS Screens and Function keys needed to override encounters – not edit/error specific.

The Adjudication Edit Resolutions document provides a list of edits and how to resolve errors.

Adjudication News

This section contains information regarding provider, reference, and/or encounter table updates and other system information that may affect encounter submissions or pend correction.


Encounter Unit staff is available Monday through Friday (excluding State holidays) to assist contractors in resolving encounter errors or to research specific encounter issues. Questions regarding the validator or TI should be submitted to the AHCCCSTIEncounters@azahcccs.gov e-mail address. All other encounter questions, including those concerning mainfame, should be sent to the AHCCCSEncounters@azahcccs.gov e-mail address.