Hospital Price Transparency Workgroup

As a result of a January 2014 report to the Legislature on hospital price transparency, AHCCCS and the Arizona Department of Health Services established a workgroup of hospital representatives. The Hospital Price Transparency Workgroup will discuss ways to improve the availability of hospital price and quality information in a format that is useful to consumers. Findings of this workgroup will be included in a January 2015 report to the Governor and Legislature.

Hospital Price Transparency Workgroup Materials, July 23, 2014

  1. Agenda
  2. Top 20 Hospitalizations During 2008-2013
  3. HMFA Price Transparency Recommendations

Hospital Price Transparency Workgroup Materials April 25, 2014 

  1. Agenda
  2. Overview of ADHS Available Information
  3. Hospital Chargemaster Discussion
  4. ADHS/AHCCCS 2014 Report Recommendations

Hospital Chargemaster Transparency Report, January 2014

Laws 2013, First Special Session, Chapter 10, Section 37, required the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) to report on hospital charge master transparency. Specifically, Section 37 required:

On or before January 1, 2014, the director of the Arizona health care cost containment system administration and the director of the department of health services shall submit a joint report on hospital charge master transparency to the governor, speaker of the house of representatives and the president of the senate and shall provide a copy to the secretary of state. The report shall provide a summary of the current charge master reporting process, a summary of hospital billed charges compared to costs and examples of how charge masters or hospital prices are reported and used in other states. The report shall include recommendations to improve the state's use of hospital charge master information, including reporting and oversight changes.

Full Report: Hospital Chargemaster Transparency Report.

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Continual Learning Process

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Hospital Price Transparency Workgroup Members

List of workgroup members